Book Review: The Handmaid’s Tale

Here’s my french copy of The Handmaid’s Tale.

So i read this book a week ago and i still can’t snap out of its impressions.

Before talking about the plot, let’s all just appreciate the amazing, rich, full and wonderful writing of Margaret Atwood. The words she uses, the way she describes details, how she makes from ordinary extraordinary. It’s was really a pleasure reading a book with such a great lexique.

About the plot, it’s a speculative fiction (Which doesn’t exist now but might happen). It’s about a near-future America where women’s only use is to bear children (mostly, cause there are other functions like Marthas, Wives etc.), but the point is, women have no liberty, they are depending to men and a horrible regimen.

The book delivers a frightening look at discrimination. Any kind of discrimination dehumanizes a person, but it must be said how Offred (main character) still tries to be a woman, at it’s original meaning. When a person becomes an object, we can’t speak about the free will, we speak about a slavery, which is the worst kind of discrimination.

The book is a real 5/5 stars, it will leave you with raw emotions and fear, but even though the author talks about her book as a speculative fiction, i still want to believe that no matter how conservative the government will be (in any country), this kind of future is impossible in today’s society, because, in 21st century, human rights are the priority, every person is equal (thank God), and i think we evolved enough not to go back into discriminatory, offensive, cruel world we left behind. I really hope so.

I think this book is a must read not only for women, but men too. So if you want to watch the TV show (i know, it’s tempting), i recommend reading a book first. I just started the TV show snd i must say it’s a really good work.