“My favorite half-night stand” by Christina Lauren

Hello everyone, this is my first post and my first book review, it will be short, don’t worry, i hope you will enjoy it.

I read My favorite half-night stand few days ago, i had my finals but i still found a time to read this strangely calm and lovable book. So the main characters Millie and Reid are best friends who will sleep together one night and then try to have a normal relationship, but that’s not all, Millie is kinda cat-fishing him on the dating site! I know it sounds weird and kinda bad but reading it was so cool, i could not put the book down even when i knew i should (finals, ugh), i liked how these two adult characters find themselves falling for each other and how they work on their problems. I particularly enjoyed watching Millie work on becoming a more open person, since her traumas caused her to close up to everyone, even her sister.

And let me tell you about Reid! This hot, smart kind person who is such a good friend and even better lover *wink wink* they can’t keep themselves away from each other. Their chemistry is so natural and in sync, i really wished i could find someone like him.

So the book was really nice to read, it will give you the adrenaline and the peacefulness at the same time, i totally recommend reading it!