Animal Farm by George Orwell

This is a must read to understand the Russian Revolution, communisme and how it all affects the people living in it.

Even though this novel is not full of literary chef d’oeuvre phrases, it’s still an amazing read, because the main idea remains in the metaphors and the raw portrait of Stalin, portrayed by a pig – Napoleon. It’s so obvious that Napoleon is the prototype of Stalin, how he acts, changes rules for his gain and commands the farm, that it’s no surprise this novel was banned in Soviet Union.

The revolution is never for the people, but for the main figures. In this novel it shows very well how people gets high hopes for change, but in most cases, the Commander always has his own “constitution”, not people’s.

“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” It pretty much sums up communist Soviet Union.


New Journey / Wattpad

Hey guys! Started a new journey on wattpad! Please share your opinion!

Title: Strong Arms Needed

Genre: Romance

Description: After sharing a surprisingly pleasant one night stand with a stranger, Ann, a workaholic law student, decides to leave it as it was and go on with her busy life, but not everything goes according to her plans.

Forced to work for Ryan, the guy from “that one night”, it gets harder to ignore him and forget everything that happened.

As they get to know each other, it seems that not everything is as easy as it seemed that night. They unravel each others personal lives which leads to many surprises and heartaches.

Link: https://my.w.tt/f2I8OUPGUY


Book Review: The Handmaid’s Tale

Here’s my french copy of The Handmaid’s Tale.

So i read this book a week ago and i still can’t snap out of its impressions.

Before talking about the plot, let’s all just appreciate the amazing, rich, full and wonderful writing of Margaret Atwood. The words she uses, the way she describes details, how she makes from ordinary extraordinary. It’s was really a pleasure reading a book with such a great lexique.

About the plot, it’s a speculative fiction (Which doesn’t exist now but might happen). It’s about a near-future America where women’s only use is to bear children (mostly, cause there are other functions like Marthas, Wives etc.), but the point is, women have no liberty, they are depending to men and a horrible regimen.

The book delivers a frightening look at discrimination. Any kind of discrimination dehumanizes a person, but it must be said how Offred (main character) still tries to be a woman, at it’s original meaning. When a person becomes an object, we can’t speak about the free will, we speak about a slavery, which is the worst kind of discrimination.

The book is a real 5/5 stars, it will leave you with raw emotions and fear, but even though the author talks about her book as a speculative fiction, i still want to believe that no matter how conservative the government will be (in any country), this kind of future is impossible in today’s society, because, in 21st century, human rights are the priority, every person is equal (thank God), and i think we evolved enough not to go back into discriminatory, offensive, cruel world we left behind. I really hope so.

I think this book is a must read not only for women, but men too. So if you want to watch the TV show (i know, it’s tempting), i recommend reading a book first. I just started the TV show snd i must say it’s a really good work.


The Struggles Of A Book Lover

1. You want to buy all the books

2. You don’t have enough money

3. Your bookshelves are so full they may break

4. You don’t have enough time to read all the books you want

5. Your TBR pile is enormous

6. You want a perfume with a scent of the books

7. You can’t stop buying more beautiful copies of your favorite book

8. You can’t stop fangirling about books in public

9. You act like total crazy when a new book is coming out in a serie

10. You need people to stop saying you have no life, when, to be honest, you have many.

So it’s hard to be a book lover, but also it’s the best thing ever, because books are the only things you buy that make you richer ❤


How I Became A Reader

Reading was not really my thing until I read The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins back in 2010. Before that, I was reading of course, but not with such a passion and love. After reading THG, I realized what i really liked at that age. And so i started reading YA, romance, contemporary, Sci-Fi books in my early teenage years. I can’t describe how much pleasure and love i found in these books. Then of course i started reading more serious books, like classics, poetry… Now if i have a good french classic in hand and a single light in my dark room, i can read all night. But that doesn’t mean that i don’t enjoy others, i completely adore a well written adult romance, i particularly love New adult books.

By the way, i think you shouldn’t force kids to read very serious books at early age, because if they don’t enjoy reading, it will just become a punishment. Let them read whatever brings them pleasure. They will find out themselves.

I don’ know why i write his post, maybe i just want to thank Suzanne Collins for writing this amazing trilogy and made me love reading. Oh and here’s this amazing quote by our beloved author J.K Rowling: if you don’t like to read, you haven’t found the right book. And i want to say that it’s a 100% true.


“My favorite half-night stand” by Christina Lauren

Hello everyone, this is my first post and my first book review, it will be short, don’t worry, i hope you will enjoy it.

I read My favorite half-night stand few days ago, i had my finals but i still found a time to read this strangely calm and lovable book. So the main characters Millie and Reid are best friends who will sleep together one night and then try to have a normal relationship, but that’s not all, Millie is kinda cat-fishing him on the dating site! I know it sounds weird and kinda bad but reading it was so cool, i could not put the book down even when i knew i should (finals, ugh), i liked how these two adult characters find themselves falling for each other and how they work on their problems. I particularly enjoyed watching Millie work on becoming a more open person, since her traumas caused her to close up to everyone, even her sister.

And let me tell you about Reid! This hot, smart kind person who is such a good friend and even better lover *wink wink* they can’t keep themselves away from each other. Their chemistry is so natural and in sync, i really wished i could find someone like him.

So the book was really nice to read, it will give you the adrenaline and the peacefulness at the same time, i totally recommend reading it!